Our Company

Our company was founded in 1998, mainly operating gas boiler, oil boiler, electric boiler, coal boiler, steam generator and many other pressure vessels.

We use excellent energy saving technology, let the boiler in the unit time to provide you with more steam, or hot water, so that you can be used in industrial production, life, commercial heating and many other aspects, we have an excellent technical team, for you to create suitable boiler scheme, recommend the right boiler type.

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Production & Process

After continuous adjustment and exploration, we have formed a complete production process, from raw material machining to be ready for delivery, it is divided into 16 processes, the division among the processes is clear, and the manufacturing work can be completed in at most 30 days. The coverage rate of fully automatic welding equipment in the workshop reaches 95%, which greatly guarantees the welding quality of the boiler.

Large Turn-Over Machine

Large Turn-Over Machine

The equipment is used for the drum reversal work, which not only ensures the welding quality, but also adds protection to the workers safety.

Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

The 0-45° sheet cutting is completed by plasma technology, and the cut surface is smooth and scratch-free, and almost no heat affected zone is formed.

Our Products

The company has more than 200 types of boilers, including gas boilers, oil-fired boilers, electric boilers and other types, to meet the different production and living needs of all walks of life.

Gas(Oil) Condensing Hot Water Boiler

condensing hot water boiler

The boiler adopts advanced full premixed combustion technology to achieve super high utilization of fuel, and the operating efficiency is increased by more than 15% compared with ordinary boilers.It is the preferred equipment for energy-saving heating in hotels, shopping malls and schools.

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Gas(Oil)Integrated Steam Boiler

split condensing steam boiler

The series of boilers adopts an excellent design concept. Through the condensing device, the heat of the flue gas is used in cascade, and the residual heat in the flue gas is fully absorbed, so that the boiler efficiency is greatly improved.It is the preferred equipment for energy-saving heating in hotels, shopping malls,etc.

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Gas(Oil) Integrated Hot Water Boiler

split condensing water boiler

This series of boilers mainly use condensing technology to recover the residual heat of flue gas, making full use of the sensible heat and latent heat of flue gas. The boiler absorbs a large amount of heat again, so the exhaust gas temperature is only 50 °C, and the thermal efficiency can be increased by more than 10%

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